A woman escaping from her hunters on a dark night comes across a magical creature.

This is a small narrative audio game I made for the Games for Blind Gamers jam, so it's better if you play with eyes closed! ∪_∪

Click here or here for some descriptions of what the hell a kelpie is.

Tips for a better browser experience:

  1. Wait for the home screen to appear.
  2. Click once to enable audio on the browser.
  3. Put the game in full screen mode.

If you have issues with web audio, please consider to download the Windows version.

[Edit] Use a mouse or a touchscreen to play this game. I didn't take trackpads into account! (sorry).


SFX: Freesound (CC0 licenses only).
Art: The Kelpie by Thomas Millie Dow, 1895.
Font: Penakut.

Thanks for playing,


Download 29 MB


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¡Qué original! Me encanta todo, desde la temática hasta la forma que has decidido implementar cada minijuego ^^


Yeyyy! Muchas gracias por probarlo Luis! :_)


It's not a bad start for a blind person playable game. I do suggest adding in keyboard controls at some point though if you plan on developing this more as a lot of the blind people (and I mean those with no usable sight like myself and not those who can see somewhat) will likely use the keyboard more. The only reason I could play this with the mouse commands is due to a screen reader keystroke that activates the mouse and I'm not sure it worked all that well.

I did have trouble figuring out when to actually run from the hunters too. It got very confusing. The voice parts were great though.

I mention this all as constructive criticism and not to insult you here. These are just my initial thoughts after trying out your game.


Thanks a lot for your feedback. I have used the mouse because there are swipe and slide actions in some levels. At some point, I wish it could be played on a touchscreen. Thanks again for playing and comment!


Ah, touch screen makes sense then. The basic mouse controls you have could probably be used on a phone for example. For Ios, I could definitely see how that would work. If you continue this, good luck.