Make your mushrooms grow by commanding a group of small color-changing creatures born from a cloud... wait... WHAT?

This is my submission for the Kenney Jam 2022. The theme was GROWTH.

Your goal is to make grow the three mushrooms until all of them reach (or surpass) the line in the middle of the screen. To achieve this, you can fly around and shout different commands to the creatures.

These are your controls:

Ok, but what the commands do?

"S" command sends a creature to SLEEP for 5 seconds.
"D" command makes a creature perfom a fancy DASH to run or avoid mushrooms.
"F" command FLIPS a creature while walking.

Let's see them in action...

What happens when a creature collide with a mushroom of its same color? Easy: the mushroom grows and the creature flips. It's the only way the mushrooms can grow.

What happens then when a creature and a mushroom of different colors collide? The mushroom shrinks, the creature changes its color to the color of the mushroom and flips. It could seem a bad thing, but sometimes you will need to change the color of a creature in spite of the mushroom shrinking.

You have 5 minutes to exceed the line with all mushrooms at the same time. The remaining time is your score.

And that's all! Please enjoy.

All images, sounds and fonts by Kenney! :)
Design and programming by David (@drnlab).
Music included in this (humble) bundle.


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Thanks Michel!