This game was made in 48h for the Wholesome Games Jam 2020. The theme was "Don't Give Up!".

Inspired by the old greek myth, our Sisyphus has to carry his dung ball to the peak of the mountain. But this time he has the help of some friends to accomplish this feat.

Don't give up Sisyphus!!!

This game contains:
- Love.
- 5 levels.
- Final scene.
- Lots of bugs!!! :P

David R. - Design/Programming.
Joanna N. - Art.
Music by Jurgen Kudla.


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Very cute take on the classic story! The bumper mechanics were really fun, as were the bug/snail/worm and background graphics, the music and especially the ending scene. Love it!


Thanks! :)

rly simple and cute
and i love the art and level design, it kept things interesting

Thanks Welby! :)

Deleted 183 days ago

Thanks Ducky!

That was fun! Really enjoyed playing it!


Omg what a good sense of humor in this, really fun and just the right amount of silly and I love that ending

Thanks Hudson!

this was really good ! the gameplay is fun, and the level are really well design + cute music and artยธ

congrats to you all ! loved it !

Thanks! :)