This game was our entry for SGDJamIII with theme "Union".

How to play?

Merge polygons of different colors and number of sides to create the sexiest shape.

FYI, the sexiest shape is always shown in the center of the screen! ;D

Click with the mouse over the polygon you want to control. Do you see what happens? Très jolie! A little hat appears to inform you that this is the selected polygon.

With a polygon selected click anywhere on the screen: the polygon will walk to that position.

If a polygon touches another polygon then flirtation begins... Oh là là!

Flirtation can end with merge or rejection.

When a pair of polygons merge then...

1) The new color will be the average of each RGB channel (R is for red, G is for green and B is for blue).

⚠ WARNING: If color mixes seem strange to you it's not your fault, IT'S MINE!!! (read "About RGB color blending" section below).

2) The new number of sides will be the average of each number of sides. The average must always be an integer, for example: a triangle could be merged with a pentagon (3+5 / 2 = 4) but a triangle with a square couldn't (3+4 / 2 = 3.5), this is a rejection.

When a polygon is rejected then... well, you know: no means no.

Easy and relaxing mechanics.

Hope you like it!

About RGB color blending

When I started the jam I was convinced that mixing two colors in the RGB space was as easy as make the average of each channel. Nothing is further from reality as you can see (for example) here.

Why didn't you implement another solution to the problem? You may ask. Well, I'm a bit COLORBLIND and I didn't realize this until I tried the game with my partner a few hours before the end of the jam.

Haha! SHIT!!! I had to rethink some of the levels in the last moment! :_D

Surely some day I will try with a correct approach to the problem (like the Kubelka-Munk theory). Meanwhile, enjoy the animations, voices and music and don't care too much about the puzzles! :P


David (@drnlab): Game design, art and programming.
Paco (@PacoDiago): Main song and all the french-fantasy in the lyrics.
Joanna (@joannanieto): Character voices and "failed color mechanics" discoverer.

Other assets

Expression Pro

Audio FX:
freesound.org (CC0 licenses only).

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsDavid, PacoDiago
Tags2D, color, geometry


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Pura fantasía XD

Jajaj! Merci beaucoup! :D